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About Oddle

Oddle is a Singapore-based startup that provides a smart online ordering system that enables F&B business owners to manage their own take-away orders, and grow their business. Since our platform launched in 2014, Oddle is heating up the food delivery space, with over USD13 million worth of orders transacted!

Unlike marketplaces, Oddle is a cloud-based, e-commerce and orders management solution which caters specifically to the operations of F&B businesses. Our solution is a unified, all-in-one online ordering system which funnels all orders to designated restaurants.

Our story goes back to 2013 — we were our products' first users! As restaurateurs ourselves, we understand how hard it was to manage delivery and takeaway orders. With orders streaming in during peak hours via multiple channels, it’s hard for restaurateurs to keep up. Furthermore, marketplace solutions didn't provide for the autonomy and individual marketing needs of each restaurant. New names get lost in the sea of similar food places. It isn’t exactly a win-win situation for the bigger players either. All orders are priced on a commission-based scheme, including returning customers!

Coupled with pressing challenges in the industry, we realised F&B players need technology more than ever to grow their business beyond the 4 walls of a restaurant. Drawing insights from several restaurant owners, we saw a true need for a cheaper and more ops-friendly solution.

Today, more than 1400 restaurants are our happy customers! Our 60-strong team is still growing as we dream even bigger, scaling across the region. As we strive to make Oddle the right fit for all, we want to empower all F&B players to take control of their business through an all-in-one, integrated and cost-effective solution. 

Got Appetite?

Great ideas can come from anyone, from the CEO of a company to the Super Intern!

Just like how the best and right amount of ingredients can cook up a storm, the best Oddlers are empowered to do things that create meaning for our clients.

Our secret to success isn't a one-size-fits-all recipe, which is why we are so obsessed about it! There's no one way to go about doing it, so we value those who are intellectually curious and never afraid to get their hands dirty.

At Oddle, we invite you to be the driver of change. The learning opportunities for your personal development are plenty. We pepper in fun along the way, but we never lose sight of the sweet spot of success!

So if you are ready to hustle hard and stay humble, take pride in your work and make positive impact, we hope you brought your appetite. 


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At Oddle, the Sales team plays one of the most significant roles as a crucial instrument to drive...